Nonprofit or Profit from a Prophet

Here we go. Remember that book, the secret. I’m bout to tell you another “obvious” secret. Ready? What IS profit? Literally in etymology it means to progress. “White” liberalism emphasizes NON-profit organizations for development in our communities rather than for profit groups. So that means that they advocate organizations that are nonprofit meaning literally “no progress” and you wonder why the actions of these organizations do not seem to lead to community progress. For profit organizations generate (a) purchases of goods and services and raw materials within the community, (b) wages that can be used by employees to maintain their household, (c) capital investments that can be used to purchase land and physical assets which can be used for the business and/or the community, even funds for traditional “NON” profits ventures. In fact, all of the NON-profit organizations in “White” philanthropy spend money that was generated by their benefactors from PROFIT making enterprises. You can never build an economic model and a community primarily on nonprofits because nonprofits will always be dependent on profit making enterprises and if you have none of your own, then that means your economic and political life will be controlled by those who have them who then can finance your nonprofits. Thank you good night. No need to have nightmares because our current situation while awake has got that covered.


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