Social Gatherings As Tools of Liberation

As a member of the several revolutionary organizations we had parties and social gatherings and we endeavored not to teach people how to “twerk,” but rather to use those gatherings to politically educate people and more importantly, to teach our people that we can be together socially and respectfully and have fun without conflict. That is an important revolutionary lesson and a precursor to other types of working together. Those settings, when they are nonthreatening and they build up trust, set the stage for other things. So I just want to make sure we don’t mock the role that social gatherings, properly managed, even if they include dancing, can play for mobilizing and radicalizing youth. The same can be said for religious revivals and programs for youth inclined to those. I know this is not the best example but the radical Islamic organizations which recruit in Europe use a wide variety of strategies from parties to youth music to art and of course the traditional mosques to reach out to their targets. We should be so wise.

Those who do not understand the revolutionary impact of social gatherings including parties among our youth, do not know our revolutionary history very well. Such gatherings were a major part of our organization in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 60s. Too often we trivialize and mock what youth do and denigrate it without understanding. At the same time we say we want to motivate them and have them hear our voices. They see through such duplicity and if you do not respect them and their activities and desires, you will NOT move them and to fight the WAR we have to ultimately have them as allies, for they are the most powerful and fearless among our people.


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