Paper to the Nail

I believe intellectual and philosophical rationalizing systems are good and bad only relative to their purpose and in that sense Eurocentrism works to do what it was and is supposed to do. The question is how Afrikans should and must RESPOND to it, given what its provable empirical effects on their own social forms, cultures, and worldviews are. My response would be that Eurocentrism is not normed on Afrikan cultures and that because of the latter fact, it will and can not lead to liberation for Afrikan people. It’s a bit like a trying to use piece of paper to hammer a nail in. The piece of paper is useful for a wide variety of things, but if you need to hammer a nail in, it’s not the right instrument for you to accomplish the task you need to accomplish. And if its someone else’s piece of paper (given you by your oppressor who KNEW that would not work) and your own culture actually provides the more effective hammer, then you failing to take advantage is an even more dire situation.

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