Real Recognize Real

In the movement we seem to have a preoccupation with ego. Especially among brothers. I want to be smarter than you, richer than you, wiser than you, more “conscious” than you, more famous, more powerful, with more status. Well, here’s what I say. I WANT you to be. I concede, I surrender, I bow down, I yield, whatever, cause I am egoless when it comes to the collective condition of the people and before God. Each and every one of those “important” folks out there who want to be more than me and insignificant folks like me in all these categories, go right ahead, be the champ with, however, one condition that the way you earn that status be having created and implemented tangible, real, empirically-verifiable improvement in the COLLECTIVE lives and condition of the people at home and abroad. So win. Beat me. Take me out. But if you don’t accept that condition, which is the real litmus test, then you’re confusing playing modern warfare with being a veteran.


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