Afrikan Leadership

Leadership for me is vision and courage. That is, vision as in having a testable, empirical program to advance and the courage to move forward with it. I do not think a wise leader waits around for too much in the way of collaboration. I think that comes AFTER people see the merits of what they do. And certainly if their vision is properly calibrated, they should be able move without compliance of others (that’s unlikely to be forthcoming among a people that are generally stiff-necked and trying to overcome compulsion and oppression). My perspective is that I believe leadership is leadership not leadership over or with as we were taught by slavemasters. I think each of us is a leader innately, we just have to actuate that leadership and that is where courage and vision or the lack thereof come in. I do not have to FORCIBLY work with you or over you to get things done on my agenda on behalf of the people. You do not need me to advance yours. I prefer Newton’s tip of the spear model where those who have ideas go forward, and those who follow them follow them not as obedient servants but rather people who see the efficacy of what they are doing for the whole. I think what we call collaboration falls back to waiting until you get general agreement and “unity” which is not coming and that compliance usually ends up with domination and ego which is a dead end. I recommend Oba T’ Shaka’s The Art of Leadership series as well as texts like the Art of War as an alternative. I am convinced if I start with my resources and energy to say, grow food for the people, people of like mind will do likewise to my example and the masses will support us in view of the bounty of food. Collaboration is meaningless unless I am doing something that is producing results that inspire emulation and compliance is evidence that one is not winning by force of their ideas but might of their hand. Afrikan leadership is different than Eurocentric leadership and our failure to grasp that is a major part of why we are flooded with leaders, collaborations, and attempts at compelling compliance with neither vision nor courage nor results.

True leadership encourages a will to collaboration and acceptance (as opposed to compliance) among the people in view of the results it produces for their good. Those are the RESULTS of effective leadership not prerequisites.


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