Crass Hypocrisy

The overwhelming number of anticolonialist, antislavery, antisegregation activists among Afrikan people in the classical period of the struggle were religious believer and mosques, synagogues, and churches were the main organizing locales. Mostly Christian and Muslim, as the majority of our people are now. Yet, somehow the movement now has little vocal pockets of people who only have the positions and statuses they have and the platforms they use BECAUSE of those believers, their work, their faith and their God who then attack religion. Forget about the lack of information, it’s tactically and strategically asinine among a worldwide Afrikan community of believers. It’s like someone who can’t swim, who begins to drown, gets saved by a lifeguard, who then shoots the lifeguard on the grounds that he or she was responsible. Even worse, what happens when they go back into the water? Might want to have some lifeguards around. I’m just saying. Particularly if YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO SWIM.


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