Imani’s Dream

King had a dream and I have one too and it’s NOT deeply rooted in the “American Dream” because I believe the “American Dream” may be in opposition to mine. My dream is that I have a dream that one day Africans from the United States and from the Caribbean and from Central and South America and from Europe and Australia and from Asia and from the continent will one day, little “black” boys and “black” girls will be able to join hands with each other as sisters and brothers. And not just their hands, but their resources, their ideas, and their organizations, being proud to be part of one global part of the human family and engaging with the rest of humanity on that basis.

When the Lord came, he came as a Jew to the Jews first. For His own. Why then do Afrikans operate as though they must come to others first and then possibly work their way back home?


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