One Way to respect

You will never be free from harm or poverty or respected by your fellow man as long as you are economic beggars in the context of capitalist plutocracy.

Only a people that provides for its own security, housing, food, health care, respected and safe and moral for scripture itself says that he who does not work does not eat. You reap what you have sown. If you do not sow anything for your own then…

Any economic, political, or social philosophy based on the proposition that oppressed people rely on the system that oppresses them for economic sustenance and survival is morally bankrupt and practically useless and those who advocate such a proposition to the oppressed people are at best deluded, if not outright traitors.

Anyone who tells you that Afrikans cannot work together financially for their own interests to provide for their needs by themselves without external help is either ignorant or lying and you should not be listening to that person or that set of persons for advice or guidance henceforth unless you want to remain an economic and social slave to this system.

Quite often you will hear this from those who have a vested personal interest in being paid for “solving” or working with the problems the community experiences as a result OF its dependence on the system. They are the modern-day “overseers” who are out of a job if slavery truly ends.


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