Tired Feets

There is a certain Afrikan leader who is always leading marches to Washington. Malcolm X was one of many who said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I go one better, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results when you consistently actually get the same results is the definition of a slave mentality. Anyway, this certain leader is calling for another march to the same place to demand justice, just like the other 3 or 4. Okay, look I may not be famous or as noteworthy as this person, but here are some basic news flashes for the mentally awake. One, some of the poorest. most exploited and suffering Afrikan communities in the United States are actually in Washington, DC where the people don’t even have the full Eurocentric rights to engage in the voting scam. Going there, where they don’t even care about the rights of your people who are already there, expecting anything from them is cuckoo for coco puffs, no matter how much I might respect your leadership credentials otherwise. Second, Washington the capital of the Eurocentric plutocracy is run by interest agendas and sufficient capital to push the agendas by buying politicians or buying them off. We have neither the collective agenda nor the concentration and organization of our capital which means we will get ignored. A leader who does not truly have the organization of the people who marches is merely getting some exercise by taking a walk. A people who march with no effective leadership agenda or capital to support it are merely participating in a mass sporting event. Neither a mass sporting event nor a personal exercise regimen is a step to liberation, but more a step towards symbolism and the people cannot eat, wear, stay in, learn through, or be freed by symbolism. Clarke called this stuff “the parochial REHEARSAL of power.” Rehearsals are fine, but at some point we really do need to actually see the real dramaturgy of kujichagulia. Not “marching” no mo, my feets is ti’ed.


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