On Expanding State “Marriage”

Today the Supreme Court acted to ensure that all US citizens had equal rights  As long as the state attached citizenship benefits to marriage, it was inevitable that the court would HAVE to ultimately rule so and those who believe in fundamental fairness have to applaud. My lament as a believer though is that marriage, which for me was always a divine rather than human or secular institution, ever became defined and dependent upon the state, ANY marriage, heterosexual or otherwise. My view is that the state should only HAVE civil unions for state purposes. Had that been the case, gay and lesbian couples would never have had to fight so long and religious believers would not have needed to involve themselves and be portrayed as being prejudiced merely for BEING believers. Yet, despite my theoretical issues with the methodology here, I celebrate this victory for extension of citizenship rights to all who are entitled to them. I have always opposed any form of state and public prejudice and discrimination on any basis, sexual minority status included.

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