The Real Church, the Real Religion

God’s definition of religion is a servant and disciple relationship with Him. God’s definition of “church” is when two or three who have such relationships come together to praise, worship, and study to effectively build and reinforce them. Too many people have errantly imposed man’s definition of church and religion and thus are confused. By their confusion they seek to leave religion and the church, not knowing that in truth that would be the effective negation of their existence or they are disappointed in both, thinking religion to be theology and the church to be a building.

Go in a cathedral as many times as you want and pay all the money you will, that is NOT religion, but a weekly meeting. Get together with those who say they are believers and discussing the faith without having any intent of actually doing anything Christ said in practice and you are not having any church.

Too many church folk never been to church. Too many folks deep in theology and obedience to it who have no obedient discipleship with God. Too many more make the mistake of judging either situation as in fact, BEING church and religion and making life threatening decisions about their relationship with God based on them.

 I am in church right now and I am not in a building. A true believer stays in church. We may periodically assemble with others of the faith to share, but when we do that, that is not somehow different or superior to the church of our own hearts and if we do not have God in our hearts where we might worship Him in spirit, then getting together in the assembly is for naught, for there is no power in faith without works.

Similarly I cannot leave my religion or my faith, for my belief and the discipline I am on as a believer gives me my purpose and direction in life. The idea that I would in effect, abandon LIFE and its purpose and meaning, over some theology or something said or done by some person or set of persons in a man-made building is asinine. I would only make such a bargain, if Satan had confused me about what true religion is.


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