The Source of Our Mentality

Slavery was itself a mental illness perpetrated by psychopaths and sociopaths masquerading and being allowed to masquerade as sane. The masters, the mistresses, the drivers, the overseers all deemed normal if not laudable. The experience within slavery required that we dehumanize ourselves and that too was deemed normal. After 400 years of slavery 100 years of segregation and almost 50 years of integration with psychopaths, there is no surprise that we see mental illness as either non existent or an diversion from life. Our very existence as Afrikans in Eurocentrism is insanity. Thus mental illness is a large part of our daily lives. The violence, misogyny, child abuse, self hatred were all taught to us and reinforced as our cultural norm and so its difficult for us today to say these are ailments needing treatment or punishment or correction. For us crazy is life itself. Why would a people who watched their children raped for 300 years or beat or burned or sodomized and told they had to accept that as neutral reality feel moved today when violence, molestation, Uncle Tomism, and self-hatred and betrayal run rampant?


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