Shot With your own guns

One of the reasons Christianity and Islam were relevant to Afrikan enslavement and colonization was the fact that they were already present in the cultures and identified with traditional systems of understanding. It was our familiarity with the basic principles of each of these that was the point, not their strangeness.


5 thoughts on “Shot With your own guns”

    1. Wilberforce was a Christian abolitionist and educator of course. That being said I dont see how his motivations effect or relate to this post one way or another. The post is actually about the fallacious idea that christianity and other religious systems were new to all Afrikans and only gained adherents among them with the advent of slavery which is false.

      1. No. I was countering the false afrocentric argument that Christianity came to Afrikans initially and solely for the purpose of slavery. Christianity was in Afrika long before. So my point here was that the enslavers and colonizers were effective at linking slavery and religions because Afrikans were already aware of them. Ethiopia is the oldest Christian civilization on earth.

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