When Satan is Talking To You About Lucifer’s Problems, Beware!

Time to pull the wolf off the ISIS scam the Al-Queda scam, the Taliban scam, etc.. So here we go. Drones, go to yo mama, cause dis gone make yo brains hurt. Why I got to smack yall dis time? Folks are trying to use isis bs to attack religion in general like this is what religion does. Okay its truth time and tell cointelpro and the real earthbound devils Reapa sent you.

Religious wars are not “inevitable,” at least any more than ideological wars between people generally. That’s a convenient trope thrown out but its not empirically true. The vast majority of believers are not at war with anyone collectively or personally, and a larger majority of them oppose war than in most general populations, and the largest wars in human history to this point have been led by atheists and political ideologues of a decidedly non-religious stripe like Hitler Stalin Mao Idi Amin and so on.

That empirical fact gives the lie to the Eurocentric atheist vision implicit here which also conveniently imagines falsely that the Eurocentric scientific narrative concerning what it calls “reason” is not culturally ideological or as precipitive of conflict over competing ideas of ratuonality and right as anything else.

Isis for example if you study it is not an Islamic as in religious organization, its just portrayed as one and at times chooses to use that rationale. Isis is mostly composed of nationalists and fascists whose logic is actually grounded in inverting Western “reason” for their regional and ethnic purposes. They could be buddhist or christian we would see the same behavior. Their roots are not even in ancient Islam but closer tied philosophically to the US and West which created these organizations initially to counter Soviet influence and later to exert regional pressure on rulers to secure oil supplies as stated from the carter administration to bush ii in what was called the strategic energy initiative. Al queda the taliban isis al shabah- everyone of these is rooted in western money oil and energy interests not devout islam and last time i checked the klan was making its case for being a church. If they bomb are we going to be dumb enough to blame christianity?

Yall are drinking the kool aid of the system if you think this is about scriptural interpretation. Its about control of land, oil, and money and isis is the latest poor mans army with some rationale (any will do) to fight the great satan who in that guise is not a spiritual enemy but a literal physical one with boots and derricks on the ground.


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