Time To Suit Up

I am going to say it. We need to have appropriate, measured, trained security for those who are marching and that means community defense militia units. I am going to keep saying it until it strikes a cord with someone, otherwise bullets are going to keep striking a lot of someones. That is not violence (stay away from me with that slave theology Eurocentric BS), it’s self defense. Barack Obama has security because his position makes people want to hurt him as the representative of the US, Afrikan people need security at strategic times and places because their position makes white supremacists and other Eurocentrists want to hurt them. It’s just that simple

And I have no loss of faith. I would be the first to pray as anyone who is an expert in martial arts would that the force units would never have to be used beyond deterrence. But I would ALSO pray that if they became necessary that they would be effective against the enemies of God’s people. If you want to understand me, study the armies of God’s people in scripture The notion that God did not provide for the defense of His people is simply a lie. And you were told that lie by your slavemasters and colonizers and continue to be told it by your neo-colonizers and their assistants so that you remain defenseless as sheep before wolves.


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