The Lay of the Lay in the Land

I always lamented the fact that men always claimed there were no good women like their mothers and foremothers. Meanwhile I was watching a social landscape littered with the emotional and psychologically scarred bodies of women victimized by bad men create the situation. But more and more as I age and experience more, Ive learned the reverse is also true. Women who lament the lack of good men while many of those good men are abused and scarred by bad women who are, as much as bad men, focused on control, manipulation, and materialism. In this context I must repeat my contention that the most revolutionary thing in building cross gender relationships may be just that, daring to build them and sustaining them amidst all the predatory people and a predatory culture that encourages people to see other people and relationships as mere means to personal, egotistic, and individual ends.


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