Legends In Their Own Minds

One of the most pernicious and curious by-products of the Eurocentric promotion of materialism, egotism, and individualism is the belief by many that they are vastly more important, interesting, and historically relevant than they are. They posit themselves and their legendary and artificial construction of their own narratives as universally attractive. The truth is to God we are important, but merely among many. God is no respecter of persons. Nor does the Eurocentric world itself care about the narcisstic earthdwellers it cranks out. The vast majority of us will live relatively uneventful, relatively short material lives and pass into dust before man. It is the spirit that transcends and the cultivation of the spiritual life that is paramount. And the cultivation of a humble, righteous, God-serving, ancestors respecting, spiritual existence is tied, not to individual achievement but the love, truth, knowledge, and assistance you give others. Too many people in this culture have a seriously overblown sense of their importance. I know I am unimportant. It is He who sustains me and those who came before who sent me for purpose that makes me matter at all.


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