The Tough Love Involved In The Work of Redemption

I understand remembering pain and those who inflicted it on you. We ALL have our own scars and baggage. I remember and hurt and have been affected by everything that has ever happened to me, good and bad. Thats just human. But then you get a choice. You can forever replay that past, relive that pain, and be addicted to that hurt (which tends to be repeated in life situations)  where you have a lifetime pity party, join with those who commisserate, and basically turn your life over to a perpetual past. Or you can accept the way of faith that Christ offers, forgive (not forget and NEVER go back to the places and people who did the harm) and focus on your unlimited potential for the future. The latter is the best choice because you cannot UNlive the past and in most cases nothing said and done by those who inflicted the pain is healing. They SHOULD apologize and atone, but that’s for THEIR soul salvation and not for you. You never get OVER it, but you can get THROUGH it with God’s help and by remembering that that thing in the past that you just KNEW was going to kill you dead DIDNT. You are ALREADY in God stronger than the obstacles you face. But without sufficient faith to believe and submit to God, our wounded ego will always remind us of the offenses and give our lives over to a memory, which is what Lucifer wants. He wants you to focus on fate rather than your manifest destiny to transcend. All the medicine, counseling, and support in the world is useless for the alcoholic who keeps going back to the bar. I KNOW. Just like the life abusers who hurt us, we can abuse the life God gave us by not learning about His love and therefore not learning that we ourselves are worthy of love, beginning with ourselves.


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