Just Give Me a “Reason”

What the West calls “reason” is not universal truth or objectivity. In fact the very concept of “reason”and the ideological argument for its dominance over spirituality is a Eurocentric argument and against an Afrikan traditional and ancestral view of the world. The goal of their philosophy here is to jusify man by his will rather than God’s will and that is a project to avoid Eurocentric culpability for crimes against humanity. Sadly those of us who have been tricked into Eurocentric philosophical thinking drag us into their world thinking ourself gods or other magical beings and daring to call our ancestors who were believers deluded. Sometime the greatest illusion of higher consciousness is the greatest delusion. The would-be waker, we say in Afrikan tradition.is often the most asleep.

Afrikans who counter spirituality and religion with “reason” are not higher in consciousness but merely worshipping the European philosophy of humanism as God without being wise enough to know it. Replacing God with “reason” when God is its source, is the highest form of idolatry. It is the worship of creation over creator.

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