It’s The Day Not The Date

December 25th is not the birthday of Christ. That date was chosen to juxtapose Christianity with traditional Roman observance of the winter solstice. Essentially the event of the birth of the Afrikan Christ was fused with that Roman festival and several other European cultural traditions were added. In particular the Druid stuff and saturnalia a ritual dedicated to set, seth, or satan. That being said, scripture says that what is intended for evil God can and will use for good. So yes there are many the world over who are deluded into thinking this is about santa or shopping or lights, but there is also a remnant of us who choose this day to memorialize not a human birthday but a divine rebirth, believing by faith in the existence of God, in His imminent presence in Christ, in His love in providing for mankind’s sustenance and salvation, and in His display of the critical role of selflessness and sacrifice IN love. It is a day when we as Christians commit to renewing our faith in love, in peace, in mercy, in forgiveness, and as the one called Paul said “the good things” that God has given. While Christ is not the author of the DATE, He is the author of the DAY and all the days we enjoy under the sun by His mercy and in THAT we shall rejoice and be glad.


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