Xmas is my favorite holiday. On this day all the Afrikans in the world gather around an altar to their ancestor Malcolm X. Children get gifts designed to build their sense of collective consciousness and people give stockings of alms to poor people living in the hood. St. Tyrone comes with his pimped out sleigh, driven by legions of flying pigs (sign of the day of Afrikan reparations). You can hear him, ‘on bacon, on ham, on pork chop, on jowels…’ He knows who has been revolutionary and who’s sold out and turncoats get a lump of coal upside they head. People wrap their homes in liberation colors of red, black, green, and gold, People go from house to house singing spirituals and liberation songs. They put up wreaths to remember brothers and sisters killed by the police and the local drug dealer Frosty the Snowman makes sure everyone has plenty of Xmas cheer. Thanks to the contacts, not a creature was stirring, not even a…what do you mean I got some facts confused? It could happen…


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