Spiritual Wheaties

Sending this out to all the curmudgeons, gripe-mongers, and bah- humbuggers out there (from someone who used to be yall):

So you do a self-check and find yourself griping a lot and particularly about little things. There is a scripture that tells us to be faithful on the little things and that, in effect, God will reward us with big things. The popular phrase is dont sweat the small stuff. Particularly when you start your interactions with others.

You should always start off with someone with hello or how are you or something rather than something negative. You should wake up each morning. Thank God for life, health, and strength and think of 5 things He did in your life to bless you. Once I get through that list…even halfway, I realize that whatever I might gripe about is not worth grousing about. Replace gripe with grateful.

Its a matter of perspective. Think positive. So say good morning How are you this morning? I hope God is blessing you today with abundant, life, prosperity, and health. That attitude can change your whole day and that of those around you.

There will plenty of opportunities later in the day to be mad, sad, grumpy, or whatever but at least you can start off with a healthy spiritual breakfast of positivity.


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