Discernment: Movement Style

Those of us who know scripture knows that God gives us a power known as discernment. It was the failure of believers to use discernment in the 60s that led to COINTELPRO undermining our organizations and our leadership and ultimately our objectives. The enemy is not a joke. God warns us that we are blind and often led by the blind and that He gives us that power to protect us from those who would do us harm. So we should and MUST keep moving towards the goal, but in the same way that one would cross the street. Being aware of the horns, and sirens, and foot traffic and the lights and being aware that there are those who would intentionally run us over and those who are mental “drunk drivers” who would do the same, albeit unintentionally. God is our protector but in His protection, He gives us a role. I identified the number one failure of our movement organizations in the 60s. It was not leadership, money, time, or organization, but the lack of and inability to properly use “intelligence” (as in CIA type intelligence). We often neglect that to our detriment. When I was growing up in the movement, elders used to preach to me intelligence, intelligence, intelligence like business people say location, location, location. One of the first things I ever did in any movement organization I built or became a part of was to build two things a defense component and an intelligence gathering component. Ignore those two things and I think one is asking for infiltration and subversion and it’s not God’s fault because as descendants of warriors, we had always been given by Him the knowledge that one must like a nijnja, gather information sight unseen on those whom we must fight as well as those who appear as friends as well as that one must be able to defend the soldiers that one puts in the field. Just my advice to all of us as we walk this treacherous path of standing up for Afrikan people.


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