The Burden of Uncommon Sense

When it comes to our people and the movement, I am reminded of the old “myth of the cave” analogy which says that to those who are trapped, physically or cognitively in the cave, in the dark, the person who comes in and screws in a lightbulb is god. For us tool, so many of the people we follow in the movement have extremely checkered pasts, may of them having been informants or turncoats who have reworked their image and now present themselves to the people as revolutionaries. Because the people are desperate for someone to “follow” and because real soldiers are so few they are easily beguiled. Sometimes my own difficulty in life is I know much more than the masses about some things and some people and I am torn between telling them all I know to try to save them from making a big mistake or keeping quiet in the name of unity and watching them learn things the hard way. The burden of knowledge is real.


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