This “New Year” Looks Awfully Familiar

It’s a new year and people tend to make new year’s resolutions of what they plan to do. These in turn, are predicated most often on somehow breaking with the past year and maybe several years past. But as much as some of us choose to move on, there are those who forever remain mired in the pain and arguments and frustrations and negative energies of the past, not just of the past year, but of potentially even longer or a lifetime. For such people, any occasion is an opportunity to dredge up the same pattern of discourse, the same emotional negativity and so on and if you decide to engage such people, you too are dragged back into the same hole. I have resolved in 2016 to be more resolute about simply removing myself from situations with such people and their energy as soon as I detect those destructive patterns, verbal and nonverbal, that are negative and nonproductive for my interests. Like all people I have sometimes let my ego or my will stand in the way of my timely departure from such nonsense and I ended up helping Satan “pull a sin out of my blessing.” I’m not going to do that anymore. So those who want to argue, fuss, fight, and debate or who just don’t like me, what I stand for, what I believe or what I do, you win, ’cause I’m resigning from all of your haterade and keeping the train rolling. If you have any wisdom you’d do the same. But knowing many of the people I have in mind, they probably won’t and their new year may ultimately look a lot like their old one and many years preceding.

Stuff that you don’t change remains the same. Going to the same negative people with the same negative issues and expecting some difference is the definition of insanity and I resolve not to do crazy no more.


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