Why reparations won’t work

Why reparations won’t work..the Cliffs Notes type version.

Based on our current consumption patterns. We spend collectively more than our actual income each year, meaning we get deeper in debt. Most of our youth aged 18-25, our future, actually have negative net worth. And of that expense, almost all of it goes outside the community. T had a friend who said if we got reparations checks he would open Weed, Wings, and Weave to try to keep some of the money in the hood. don’t know if i was listening to a comedian or the future Warren Buffet. if he adds Wheels as in cars, I’m investing…

So i stand by three things. One that the present and advancing economic collapse of the eurocentric world makes reparations unlikely, two that our consumption patterns would render a lump sum payment to the community null and void in advance, and three that there is an ethical problem in taking blood money as repayment for Afrikan lives. I actually don’t want the slavemasters ill begotten wealth. It shall be as judas proceeds in the end.

I used to tell all my ncobra folks to show me a viable plan for retaining and managing the $1.5 trillion that we are earning and that we are losing NOW and that then maybe I could sign on to the economic fantasy plan. To this date, no takers. Walter Williams ,rip, actually got mad at me at a panel at Washington and Lee when I exposed the fact that many in the senior leadership at ncobra including him at the time, did not believe that they were actually likely to get the money and certainly not the magnitude they were promoting, but rather that they were making a symbolic stance. I made some comment about not being able to EAT symbolism and things went downhill from there.

To this day, I continue to focus on the idea that reparations or the lack of them is not our economic problem at home or in the diaspora, whether one thinks them likely to actually materialize or not. What we KNOW is that they are siphoning off $1.5 trillion we have NOW. How can we argue with any credibility for the viability of collectively managing FUTURE funds, whatever their proposed source, when we can not or are not showing any ability to do so now? For me it’s like the drunkard who says he needs one more drink before starting the sobriety program.


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