A Choice On Time

Among our people we spend enormous amounts of time on BS and rarely complain. Yet when its information about us and our condition and our liberation we complain about length, difficulty, and the effort required. Our indocrination is 24-7 365. If reading material designed to actually elevate you out of ignorance for 5-7 min is too much to ask, too difficult, or involves too much time, that’s not a function of the material but of one’s apprehension by Eurocentric culture, which is about the fast and short and easy. Afrikan cultures are deliberate and slow, believing that we are part of universal time and therefore have the time we need to do what we must. It is the difference between fast food and grandmother’s all day cooking prep and what you end up eating is affected by it. It is not for us to conform to the system but to make it conform to us. Emulate it and become AS it and prey to its contrivances.

We take time to read and watch those things which imprison our minds and spirit. It is our choice whether to take time and do the same for truth. I am in no hurry. If you are, then the task is not for me to change my words of truth but rather for you to skim or save for later or record and playback, or otherwise do what you have to do to get what you need.

Frequently the quest for speed in Eurocentric culture sacrifices accuracy and quality, particularly in the dissemination of information. People who are oppressed need narrative substance and depth, not soundbites. The fight for survival we must wage will be neither fast nor easy. Neither is the process of gathering and studying what we will need to wage it.


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