Afrospacecadetry and “foolish”: are they both the same and if not, what is the difference (forgive me Malcolm)

There is ignorance where you don’t know something. We are all ignorant at times and that is no great crime or shame unless we are stupid. Stupid is when you have information about something but fail to apply it in an empirical situation when you should. But as bad as stupid is, I now observe among our people, there is a third level even worse. Like you have knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, the three levels of cognitive consciousness, you have ignorant, stupid, and foolish. Judaeo-Christian scripture identifies the invocation of the term “fool,” to be the ultimate insult or curse and so while we run around being scared of various four letter words, it is the term “fool” which we often use loosely and colloquially, even affectionately, that is the greater profanity. It is in the scripture, the one who says that there is no God, based, supposedly, on them having superior knowledge, when God is the source of them AND their supposed knowledge. (Psalms 14:1) It is the one who despises wisdom and instruction, thinking they have it all, which is itself a symptom of one who needs to learn more. (Proverbs 1:7) It is the one who tears down their own “house” (or attacks the beliefs and institutions of their own people), thinking they are actually building it. (Proverbs 14:1) It is the one who seeks only “knowledge of self” as if “self” can be understood without understanding of God and the ancestors and others who constitute that “self.” (Proverbs 18:2). “Foolish,” in sum, is when you know “something,” but choose for ideological reasons to refuse any additional or corrective knowledge, because it contradicts what you want to believe and because central to that personal belief is the errant notion that your limited “branch” knowledge of something is the “tree” itself (even when holes in your knowledge have been revealed to you by those who are MORE knowledgeable on the subject). What makes it “foolish” is that you then try to operate and school others as an expert on your “piece” knowledge. It is that person who has “seen” others drive and watched YouTube videos on driving and talked to lots of those who drive and just concludes that they should now get in a car and hit the interstate. They have just enough information to KILL themselves and YOU, too if you are foolish enough to get on the road with them validating their ability to drive based on that former evidence.

So when it comes to the Afrospacecadetry, it’s like “terrorism.” I can do little, despite my empathy, to stop the single “lone-wolf” act of cognitive suicide. I instead focus on trying to be an intellectual prophylactic against it becoming a scene of serial mass murder of the minds of larger numbers of the people when you choose to go.


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