The Intoxicating Lure of Pseudo Scholarship

If you had a water leak and you needed it fixed and you knew I was not a plumber, would you take the risk of having a flood and have me play around with your pipes? If you had a child and you had to go to work and you knew I had never babysat, do you drop your future off at my house and hope for the best? If you needed a temp to replace you at work and you knew I had no experience in your field and had never held down a real job would you gamble and let me take your place? Well then if you would not trust me with your home, job, and child without proper training and real certified and vetted credentials, then why would you entrust your consciousness and your soul to people with no real credentials in professional study and application of the history, the cultures, and the spirituality that is necessary to protect and develops both?
I fail to comprehend the lure of pseudoscholarship in the movement, particularly on the most important empirical questions of our time. My best guess is that everyone is looking for a “shortcut” to knowledge. We have to decide that we are worth our own time and effort and that the latter are necessary if we are to be socially, economically, and politically empowered globally.


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