the real revolutionary

We often romanticize that revolutionary with the gun who goes out in the “blaze of glory,” usually with their work undone. It is far more revolutionary to live than to die, since we will all do that in time anyway. And far more difficult, for the dead revolutionary does not face the enemy anymore. The living one who dares to say that i will stand and fight you and that if I die, you will HAVE to kill me, is a constant nightmare to his tormentors, who are forced to either watch them work and have impact or to kill them, making them martyrs to the next generation who take up the call of their memory and unfinished work.

The real wise revolutionary accepts death as both a natural part of the life cycle and an immediate occupational hazard of their job, but death is not their goal. It is at best a means to an end to advancing the cause of life among the people they serve.


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