Let’s Get Real

My moral lines don’t change when it’s convenient or when everyone else is going in the opposite direction. I will stand for God and what He reveals to me is just right regardless. For those who are enemies of our people and among US. I am as concerned about us raping our boys and girls, beating our men and women, assaulting and killing each other as I am concerned when those who are declared and/or proven enemies do it, maybe MORE so because the damage in such cases is greater and longer lasting, and because such actions automatically provide an acceptable rationale for the actions of others against us. Afrikan lives will matter first when Afrikan lives matter to all Afrikan people because then, and only then, will we be able to collectively demand respect from others and collaborately defend ourselves and cultivate a common agenda for our survival. In the absence of Afrikan love for collective self in evidence by action, pronouncements of “Afrikan lives matter” and related things are vain, merely symbolic, rhetorics that have a short-term shelf life for social relevance and an even shorter likelihood of long-term impact.
Hypocrisy, double standards, and moral equivocation are not more acceptable when they come from oppressed people than when they emerge from the elite. “Black” sh** stinks too. And it has still got to be cleaned up, like any other variety. Stepping around it, pretending it is not there leaves us all walking “in the mess.”


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