The Death Museum

A museum or monument is most often a memorial to things which have passed away and are no more and generally expected to be no more. If I say “your life is now history” and present you your monument while you’re standing there breathing in front of me, would it be wise to assume I was saying something laudatory?  No, it’s a death threat. We need to wake up and fast.
I visit museums to research all the time and know they’re not literal mausoleums, but philosophically, for oppressed people in this society, they tend to cognitively function that way. I know indigenous people who have told me they will never set foot in the native museum for the same reason.
The cognition of oppressed people must be about their liberation in the present and their plans for the future. Sankofa says look back TO GO FORWARD. The Eurocentric museum concept, not the physical, but the epistemological is to look back, think about back, revisit back, to go….nowhere.
They keep showing us slave and domesticity films over and over and giving them awards. It’s not a history lesson or any evidence of respect for history. If it WAS, this society would teach REAL history and change. It’s a eulogy for our collective funeral, which those in power hope to cause by getting us to think that the history of our enslavement by and servitude to them is in FACT, the totality of our history, or at least the most important facet of the same and ultimately that our oppression by them constitutes the limits of our collective destiny.


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