A Higher Politic

As for parties, I am neither Democrat nor Republican and have no special allegiance to either. What I do have allegiance to is my people and their condition. If you have ideas that will move us constructively towards the improvement of their condition I will work with you. When I HAVE voted, which is not often, I have voted for Republicans and Democrats, Greens and Libertarians, and others. At some point we HAVE to get more sophisticated in our politics and not be so shallow as to blindly support one party or blindly reject another, making ourselves irrelevant to both, recognizing that parties are one thing, people are another. And the agenda and not the individual or the party should be the ultimate focus of our work. We have been betrayed by both of the major parties many times historically. There are good people in both and bad people in both. What determines their value to us is what they DO with respect to our collective condition. Let THAT be the litmus test for evaluation. And let us recognize also that whatever your party affiliation, the man or woman you support may lose. Now if that happens, you can sit around and lament and watch your people deteriorate, OR you can find a way to build a bridge and make a would-be enemy a friend or at least a contingent ally, blunting the worst they could do and challenging them to do more than they ever thought they could. You don’t have diplomacy with friends, but with those who are not or at least who don’t seem to be.


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