Against Negrotivity

Afrikans teach that what happens is directly connected to what you and we EXPECT to happen. When we say negative things about each other constantly and have negative expectations, we create spiritual energies that move the result and combine with our physical work to realize the negativity. The word “gospel” means GOOD news. The old R and B record said “Tell Me Something Good.” So I get it. We’ve been hurt, disappointed, misused, betrayed, and seen this fail before. Our enslaved ancestors and folks like my parents who lived more than half their lives in legal segregation had it worse, but what amazes me is how they not only believed, but somehow KNEW collectively that THIS day, when THOSE oppressions at least would be gone would come, and they walked from ship to plantation to selma in that faith. We can give up and die and spend what time we have left talking about all the stuff we failed at or don’t like about each other. Or, we can be like Nat Turner or Tubman or Douglass and say “I’d rather die and go to my grave than be a slave.” And if you buy THAT idea, then anything short of death towards freedom is worth giving a shot, again and again, and you look for the GOOD in your people, the GOOD in your organizations, the GOOD in your history together. You don’t IGNORE the bad or fail to correct the wrong, but your attitude is always positive because you know that there is always a path that will lead to that better day. I challenge all of us, beginning with ME, to think of reasons to be encouraged about who we are and what we can and will do despite enemies, snakes, and goofs. I got to believe in yall, I got to love yall, cause God, the deities, the ancestors and us is all we got when it comes to this war. The cards on the table and even if I die by my own brothers or sisters brainwashed words or hands, I got to go “all in” for the people.

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