The Upshot of integration

I believe integration has nearly destroyed the Afrikan community here and in many other places around the world. Integration meant two things, the abandonment of any kind of independent financial base within the community (guaranteeing an economic based on begging, bumming, borrowing, and stealing) and the invasion of our culture which has led us to be confused about who we are, whose we are, our history, our language, and everything else about us.

Desegregation was fine. Breaking down the barriers so we could exercise the rights of other citizens, but integration was a trick which led us to become totally dependent on other people and their cultures and worldviews while denigrating our own.

Think about it. Sojourner truth was saying “ain’t I a woman?” In the 1960s brothers said “I am a man.” and now here we are in 2016 trying to convince folks that “black lives matter.” Ever since we have been here we have been trying to integrate with a system that does not accept our fundamental humanity. The issue then is not that it does but that WE do. Black lives matter, but they must first matter to us. We must stop killing each other, hating each other, mistrusting each other, abusing each other, defrauding each other, undoing the slave mentality and the colonial mentality and do what every other group here and abroad has done and that is build collectively for our people for the future. No one else is going to do it and you can integrate until you turn bred, white, and blue, there is no workaround. GOD himself says he or she who does not work (for themselves) does not eat.


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