The Zombie Apocalypse is Black

I actually think if Lucifer himself or herself (depending on the human form taken) was the Democratic presidential nominee, Afrikans would vote for him with the perennial slogan “lesser of evils.” My question would be whether those supporting either of the Democratic candidates, or for that matter the Republican ones, seriously believes that these people are going to make things better for the people collectively. If you do, fine. I can’t possibly believe that understanding the system. The political zombie apocalypse is back.
     And this is not party specific. In a previous oppressed life, a Republican ham sandwich would have gotten Afrikan votes as the party that “freed the slaves.” Yeah and then traded them like Judas in 1876.
     I believe voting is a tool to be used strategically and tactically on the LOCAL level where there is a capacity for Afrikan people to directly control the candidates and directly influence the policies on the ground. It is on the local level that US politics approaches something close to communitarian politics where one person approximates one vote. Beyond the local level, gerrymandering, partisan exclusion, corporate personhood, the exclusionist primaries, and the constitution itself renders that moot.
     If you cannot personally meet the candidate, talk to them, press them on your issues, and get them out if they default, you’re not voting intelligently but merely symbolically.


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