The Metaphysics of Antibeingness

One of the problems I have with all this Afro space cadetry where Afrikans walk around pretending to be gods, extraterrestrials, ancient Arabian ethnic groups, ancient Greeks, ancient Kemetians or Jews, residents of nonexistent mystical continents, or other TOMfoolery (ANYTHING BUT Afrikans) is that when you really dig into all their respective ideologies there is a common fatal flaw. Whatever reference they make to the valuation of Afrikaneity, if any, is inevitably tied to its opposition to or comparison and analogy to Eurocentrism. Thus Afro space cadetry actually needs Eurocentric domination to have any legitimacy. Let me break it down because most Afrospacecadets have 0 years of real academic study, getting most of their wisdom from some fake Phds, youtube videos, and self published books by their pimps who push this stuff to them. Bend over hoes I got all ya’ll. Being some kind of anti-devil (however you define it) don’t make you God or a god but a true slave to the devil because your whole identity is defined by referencing yourself as his or her “other.” Those who have or will have imputed to them TRUE divinity or righteousness or knowledge model themselves not as a perpetual opposite or epistemological “other” to another but as an emulation of God who has already transcended. I’m not the anti-Eurocentrist, but a non-Eurocentrist. Not the anti-devil, but not demonic. When you seek to become the perpetual opposite of something to overpower it, you become IT, not its opposite. Try some physics, maybe Afrikan metaphysics. If I would become anti-hate, I must become hate in the opposite direction. Ya’ll keep doing that, I’ll just focus on being love. You live in your slavemaster’s dark oppositional world and I’ll stay out here in the Son’s shine.

A state of NOT-being is not being. I look at all these Afro space cadets as a true and living son and I too see dead people. This is not philosphical or theological depth study but a symptom of the LACK of it. That explains why I argue that a lot of what presents itself as the “conscious” movement is dumber than the masses. At least the masses know they don’t know something. What’s scary is that folks who wander into this bullspit are going to THINK they know and then go out and mislead others. Ignorance is bad, but ignorance paired with the illusion of knowledge is culturally genocidal.


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