Off The Rails

Beware the confusion of metaphysics with spirituality. Physics studies matter and the manipulation of matter through force and energy. Spirituality is the source of force and energy. If you get those confused, you will have moved from a spiritual worldview to a material one, without being aware. The state of spirituality is the source, for example of the capacity for and nature of perception or any kind of mental apprehension and if you really want change, it is not merely one’s individual perception or personal thought that must be changed in the Afrikan view, but ones relationship to the external spiritual consciousness. To paraphrase the worship of self and ego is not the worship of the divine and has no power. Many Afrikans who seek spiritual consciousness find metaphysics instead, errantly trading creator for creation.

I have never been a student of Eurocentric spirituality but I am also not a student of their atheistic mentalism where all is thought rather than spirit either. Some of us, in our search to escape their errant spirituality, accidently embrace their mentalism. “I think therefore I am.” That’s not ours either.

Afrikans who think mere egotistical individual thought is the source of divine universal spiritual consciousness have been just as tricked as the masses and are confusing, if you will,  the process of driving and the car with the engine.

Without divine spirit there is no manifestation of person to possess mind and produce perception or frequency. Thus spirit precedes perception, even of itself in this equation.

I am personally an Afrikan spiritualist not a Eurocentric metaphysician. If I radiate at any height of anything energy wise, it is because I am synchronized in the frequency of the divine spiritual source. I am spirit not light, spirit produces light. And my “self” is of itself no account unless it is rooted in that divine source. I do not worship the ego.  Replacing the spirit with its products is not Afrikan or Kemetian. We believe the spirit is source, not the abstract or personal “mind”or the “self” or abstract energy, for these are created by the divine spirit for its purposes.


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