Purging the Scourge of Jealousy and Envy

The masses of the people would benefit if they understood the way to neutralize jealousy and envy out of the ego. Jealousy and envy are based on me wanting to be who you are or to have what you have. It also involves me disrespecting and being ungrateful for who I am and what I have. God offers the counter. First, He defines us as His sons and daughters. As such, there is a divine spiritual equality that should not have you feel inferior to the being any other person. Secondly, God says in effect, that what is for YOU is for YOU. That means that God’s plans for your life will ultimately be fulfilled in accordance with your faith in Him (as opposed to your faith in man). Thus you cannot truly take from me what is rightfully mine by the hand of God. Nor can I take from you. And since I know all that I am and all that have is a grant and blessing from God, rather than some contrivance of my own hand or a gift from the world, I can appreciate it with a sense of gratefulness and respect and focus on doing on the work the creator and the ancestors set for me.



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