Christ Knows

So you been abused, taken advantage of by someone you “put yourself out there for?” Christ knows all about. Turned on? Denied? Betrayed? Lied on? Falsely Accused and Convicted? He’s nodding His head at you calling you to come examine His wounds. His arms are stretched wide to embrace you in YOUR pain. He knows the price you have to pay. But He knows also the rewards. Those who are unjustly crucified and slain to the world with Him, are likewise resurrected.

I’m not able to say it don’t hurt when it happen and for a long time after. Just that it gets better when you remember the battle ain’t really yours and didn’t start with and don’t end with you. They doing you wrong for the God present WITHIN you and despite the setback, they can’t and won’t keep God from blessing you with the fulfillment of His plans for you, even if Satan encourages them to throw in that “monkey wrench.”


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