Karma Ain’t Christianity

Can’t give an amen to this. I’m Christian and God’s judgment is not Karma but His judgment. His will is not Karma but His will. Too many Christians confuse Karma with divine judgment. God says that sometimes the wicked will prosper. Similarly the righteous often suffer. So it’s simply false to believe that the human, secular phrase “what goes around comes around” is or means the same as “you shall (the shall deriving from the authority of God) reap what you sow.” Sometimes what comes around in life is often NOT what you deserve. In fact, our faith as a whole is based on the idea that we are recipients of an undeserved gift, undeserved mercy and grace in Christ’ sacrifice. So we are thankful to God for not allowing the “karma” of our sins to “come back around” to us. As we say God’s favor isn’t fair. He sometimes sanctifies those that are not righteous all the time and places them in a position of authority and standing for His purpose. His prophets at times, failed Him, but He used them the same. The one called David was in effect associated with a murder conspiracy, adultery, infidelity, lying and some other things in his pursuit of his lust, yet God saw fit to use him while chastising his transgression. If we follow the logic of this errant idea of “karma” nothing good should have come of David. God says He will take that which is intended for evil and use it for good, a complete inversion of the idea of karma which suggests that no good can be made of that which is corrupt. The one called Paul is the living embodiment of the negation of that idea. This zealous persecutor of Christians becoming one of, if not the greatest in human eyes of the faithful believers. Similarly, the righteous may suffer despite their good works, God was glorified by Paul’s service in spite of his physical suffering. God is the Lord of the reaping, not universe or cosmic process of which He is the author. As He says my ways are not your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts and so attempting to reduce the future to a man made philosophical ethical formula where man has the knowledge to predict based on his or her judgment of the morality of others is a grave theological error. The emphasis being on “grave” for this slippage is potentially deadly. Beware this collusion of confusion. The devil will have you switch faith or move to secular atheism on the sly and lose power and think you haven’t moved. He’s good with that. The goal of his strategy of confounding the spiritual mind here is to eliminate God from the equation and substitute some mystical process in the same way that some are led to replace His creation with a bang or some monkeys changing into men. Beware!

Guard your spirit and your souls! The attempt to replace God with philosophy or the universe or something else is relentless in Eurocentric culture. This kind of stuff is a case of the church wanting to identify with the ideas of the world, rather than wanting the world to identity with the ideas of Christ.


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