Fatal Errancy

It’s so sad to see Afrikans, the fathers and mothers of civilization, with direct connection to and descendancy from God, the deities, the ancestors, and the elders buy into Eurocentric philosophical atheism merely because their slave masters and colonizers used their faith and spirituality against them in their oppression. Ironically, it was God, not the false one they learned about in Eurocentric theology, but the real one who sent the myriad of His disciples with the strategic and tactical tools that freed them, it was God that sustained them during the siege, and it is God that reveals to them the bits and pieces of knowledge they have now, thinking them errantly to be complete. If God were not the power of liberation, the slave masters and colonizers would not have worked so hard to confound your relationship with Him. Liberation will never be found in completing the slave master’s work in you to get you to abandon faith and worship yourself AS HE DOES, but rather in re-energizing and strengthening your faith and reapplying it to your culture and social condition so that God can complete His work in you. It is not religion or the church or temple or mosque or scripture or God or the orisha or the ancestors who are the enemies but the de-Afrikanization and de-spiritualization of these. If you think the price of the restoration of the mind and the body is the loss of the soul, you have made the Faustian bargain of all time.


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