The Love Revolutionary

I am not a racist. Once I learned that the idea of separate races was socially constructed and not factual, I ceased to see the world in that rubric. My process of progressive sanctification in Christ only reinforced that view, since the Lord made me to understand that any focus on materialization of humanity, skin color, ethnicity, nationality, and so on, while relevant for human scientific analysis was inadequate for a kingdom-level perspective in which the state of men’s souls and not their bodies was the ultimate issue. I was reminded of my elder who said I have no problem with “white” people, I just have a problem with “white” people “acting white.” Brilliant, although I missed it at the time. The problem was not in how we physically appear, but how we socially act towards each other. And the “acting” part was important to because it meant this way of interacting was not innate, but “performed” dramaturgically, according to some social script. I learned white supremacy ideology was that script. To deconstruct that is to begin to change the way we relate. I then learned there were other oppressive “scripts” that oppressed on the basis of gender, class, sexuality, language, religion and that the Eurocentric global power structure itself rested upon the generation and maintenance of these “scripts.” In becoming, I learned again what I knew as a babe to love all God made without regard to these divisions, that the “scripts” warped the spirit of humanity and made people unable to relate to themselves or to God with truth, justice, equality, or love and thus my mission in Christ was not to war against flesh and blood but against the spiritual wickedness of these narratives, at the highest level that that which the Devil has rent, be reassembled and that some semblance of the kingdom come on earth. So I am a revolutionary, but like Christ my tools are not hatred, bigotry, or prejudice, but a radical love that seeks out hate and obliterates it.


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