Afrikan Pseudo-Revolutionary Wolves At The Door Of The Church: How I Wish They Would Come In

If you think Christianity began in Europe or for that matter any of the Abrahamic religions, you have been fooled by your slavemaster’s teachings about religious history and therefore are in no position to educate other Afrikans about consciousness. Judaism and Christianity were both born in Afrika with Afrikans. Even the Western scriptural texts and religious history texts don’t deny that. It is Afrikans who believe the Eurocentric lie that they were the source of everything including religion that are truly brainwashed. Afroasiatic Christianity not only precedes European Christianity but even Europe as a integrated continent itself! Ancient Romans and Greeks did not associate themselves with the ancestors of those we today call Europeans, considering them godless barbarians (think Vikings, Visigoths, Vandals, Franks, Celts, Anglo-Saxons). None of these were involved in the origin of Christianity or Judaism whose roots are in lands we know today as Ethiopia, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, and NE africa where Palestine is today. Read the African Origins of Christianity and a few of the thousand other books on the history of these faiths before you try to “free” anybody lest you attempt to “free the prisoner” with your own “mental jail” of ignorance. Ideology is not scholarly information and prejudice against a faith is not a surrogate for scholarly knowledge about it.

I myself never had a “white” Jesus. That concept was introduced by and used in the European church to promote and expand the faith in Europe. Some were deluded by it, connecting the Lord errantly to a physical image (a violation of the commandments) but it was never the history or the teaching of the faith as a whole. This whole concept was an artifact of European white supremacy ideology. To assume, merely because I am a Christian, that I believe that rubbish or have to, to be a Christian simply reveals a lack of knowledge on the part of the speaker impugning me about real Christian history.

Some Afrospacecadets get hung up on the word Christianity and the fact that that was not the original name of the belief system. Judaism was the name of the faith of Jews after the fact. Similarly, the title Christ “the anointed one” was assigned to the Lord when the Roman Empire was converted. So, the story goes, because this Latin title of honor was attached to Yeshua, we MUST reject everything He taught. So then, if any Afrikan gets any degree or honor from anywhere in the Western world, any wisdom they impart or anything they do is instantly tainted and invalidity. You have to be a terminal moron to believe this. So Diop, Du Bois, Woodson, even King are all invalid because they got some earned and honorary titles in the Western world? Crack is whack. Surface does not denote substance unless you are operating at a superficial, almost juvenile level of understanding. Egypt is not the original name of that land, neither was Kemet but both were used to describe things of substance that we should revere as part of our history in spite of that.

The faith began not with written texts but oral tradition and these became scripture, letters, and the gospels The Western bible and vulgate are two anthologies of this scriptural tradition. A real Africa-centered understanding of Christianity is based on that tradition as practiced, not on a singular text, since the “Word” was made flesh and dwelt AMONG us (Immanuel). And this “living word” charges followers with the great commission. Texts are, in the faith, for reproof and instruction, but the proof of faith is in the walking of the way in praxis.

YouTube scholarship is not biblical scholarship and if we are relying on such things as the basis of our supposed knowledge, we are in trouble to start. A video by someone who studied, allegedly, chemistry by reading books at home, is not scholarship and does not represent professional expertise in chemistry or certification as a chemist. Most brothers and sisters who want to attack religion or anything send me such things as “scholarly evidence” and I feel sad for them because it means whatever anyone puts online or on a social media feed, they ideologically agree with, will be blindly accepted by them and they will not be able to distinguish between that made up stuff and real academic knowledge.

I would never seek that anyone accept any faith by force, that would be ungodly and unAfrikan. I could care less about that. I am more concerned about would be revolutionaries not being falsely played into attacking their own people rather than their enemy. I am not the enemy to Afrikan liberation. Neither are those Afrikans who are Christians. I have been a soldier for my people globally for their liberation and rise for decades and have devoted my life to it. So have many of my fellow Christian believers. It is your slavemaster and colonizer who wants you to fight us. I will refuse to engage, although you can if you choose. But I submit, any Afrikan who attacks his or her own, will ultimately fail. That applies to us all. Dare to search your head and heart and that truth will come into knowledge within you.

I have not defended white supremacy. There are Afrikans who do but that’s not limited to Christians, but is a problem across our whole global population and to assume all Afrikans Christians do so as a matter of faith is analogous to the slave master assuming we are all thieves because some of us are.

If I can embrace you as my brother or sister despite your nonbelief in my faith, you should be able to embrace me. Division is not in our collective interest or yours ultimately, but our working together. None of us will win attempting to act as fascists attempting to impose our beliefs on each other. Our cultures are and have always been syncretic, with many spiritual and religious traditions side by side. Any Afrikan who forgets that, will spend more time errantly attacking his or her own people, than organizing against those who do not love any of us and seek to destroy us all Will we continue to do their ideological work for them?

I think the mistake in this whole discourse is how afrikan antichristians and antireligionists, in addition to having no real scholarship beyond their little circles of syncophants, arrogantly tend to assume that someone’s trying to force them to believe. I’m certainly not. I only have had two arguments on this (a) study what you talk about for real, not just whatever agrees with your ideology, before speaking lest you become a legend in your own mind and a fool among the masses of your people and (b) that no matter what you believe personally, you should never allow yourself to devolve into a prejudiced bigot against groups of your own people. If you do so, you are serving our enemies and not the people. I work with Afrikans every day, loving them from continent to diaspora. I have worked and spiritually reasoned with and been at peace with priests and priestesses of the orisha, of santeria, of vodon, with afrikan jews, muslims, and christians. We don’t all share a single faith, or language, or culture, or anything but a desire to escape our maafa, our oppression, and to do so together as brothers and sisters of common ancestors.

There are churches that have defrauded the people, but there are also secular organizations, governments, and the latest scam is Afrocentrists with no real scholarship selling videos and books to the people claiming to have degrees and be experts on religion who con wanna be conscious brothers and sisters into naively believing them. Scams on an ignorant people have always existed, but singling out christians or churches is dishonest. I oppose church theft but I notice the anti-christians always conveniently neglect to mention that honest churches collectively are the number one philanthrophic organization among the people, financing more than 80% of our colleges, hospitals, elderly care centers, drug treatment facilities, etc. There ARE crappy churches and crappy ministers because there are crappy humans. But there is also good, which you can find, IF you are looking for good, rather than seeking to cast aspersion on your people. I grew up in the “hood”. There were murderers there. I fight for it, though I know they still exist, because there are also good Afrikan people with love and families and church doing good and deserving better. I see the bad. I attack it. But I see the good and that I support. It’s the most wise course if you love your people truly.


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