The Evolution of A Prejudice

I watched the evolution of the antireligious prejudice in the movement. It was always marginally scholarly, basically equating all religion with European forms of religion and then arguing Afrikans therefore had to reject them. Afrikan religious scholars began to undermine that false equation, first arguing that the European forms were not the totality or original and then that roots of all of these were in fact, Afrikan. That essentially sunk the ideologues’ boat. As Afrikans began to Afrikanize their faiths, rather than abandon them as desired by the fascists, they shifted from the facts to attacking believers themselves and began arguing falsely that you could choose your religion or consciousness but that it was impossible to have both. As I have always said, the atheist would not be bothered by my faith in principle, believing me simply deluded and ignoring me. Most Eurocentric athiests do just that. But Afrikan atheists and antireligionists tend to attack and I believe it is not because they fear that 80% plus of their people are wrong but because the persistence and even growth of faith among Afrikans suggests THEY might be, about something really important in their judgment of their people, about their own relevance, and maybe about something much more important.


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