I Know Why I’m Here, How About You?

We exist to be reflection of God’s character, emanations of His light, here to inspire the awakening of others as we go forth ourselves. If AS such a light, we are needed and must traverse the darkness so that those who will see can. We are, therefore, created for a divine mission, not of our own will. We each have a consciousness, a level of awakedness, relative to our personal mission. We are all blind and ignorant to things not specific to that, which is why the righteous must and should not foresake the assembly, and the commingling of forces together with others on the path who can help us as we are helped. We are created in God’s image. We partake of His sensitivity, His yearning for love, and His creativity and sense of wonder.It’ only those that dont know Him, who don’t seek their mission or who reject it, who become the walking dead. They are missing what we have. They seek to find it in money and fame and power and ultimately in devouring others. Yet their desire is never satiated. They need a spiritual center and until they find it, they will steadily devolve into beasts of instinct rather than humans of divine reflection. Our connection is not to a particular or singular place, but to a state of being and to a system of righteous relationships with God, others, and nature. We yearn to return to God’s garden of eden.We shall, but our burden is that we have to, in this mortal life walk a path through what the scripture calls the shadow of death. The evil one seeks to prevent us from returning home as he cannot and so he uses all his tools of deception to get us off the path and prevent us from leading others home as well.


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