The Mother’s Eternal Day

On mothers day, everyone is going to say happy mother’s day to dey moms and any moms in dey circle of friends and fam, right? Think about how much you love and respect those women to whom you are saying or would say, if you could, happy mother’s day. Now consider that almost every girl and woman you will ever meet, love, date, mate with, work with, or in any way engage, is someone’s mom or potential mom. Also consider that until the Eurocentrists complete their weird experimentations with the human birth process, that that is the only way any people, nation, or culture will survive and endure. Finally also consider any girl or woman you ever called a female dog, assaulted, raped, or cheated on is ALSO a mother or someone’s potential mother who will communicate and impart her ideas and experiences of relationship, manhood and womanhood, and identity and wellness to the youth of today and tomorrow. Gentlemen, you should now know what to do and say…and what NOT to. And just in case some of ya’ll keep forgetting, there remain “a few good men” that will be more than happy to give you a refresher course.


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