I’m Going In!

Im using GPS and I’m happy to announce that I have located God truth, justice, and equality. All three are currently trapped between three raving mad hordes of Afrospacecadets, pseudoreligious zealots, and Eurocentric scientific atheists who have constructed an elaborate mental, physical, and spiritual mindfield to prevent external entry. They all claim that if you join them, you’ll get privileged access, but the minute you do, their alleged prisoners (actually free and mobile) move to a new undisclosed location further away. Virtually insurmountable odds, vastly outnumbered, sophisticated oppositional weaponry, and all I got is God, a Reapablade, and a smackafool stick. Who’s with me? Even if alone, for humanity, for the people, for the ancestors, and under the authority of the greatest commission, I’m going in! Brave ones, if there BE any, COVER ME!


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