“Integration” of Public Schools in the US?: An unmitigated failure for Afrikan education

One way racialized integration was never actual desegregation or equal funding for public schools anyway. So this model was doomed to fail. If you send a social outgroup into schools of an ingroup, the ingroup students just move and the schools remaining will be just as segregated and underfunded as before. Busing was and is a social engineering experiment and a dumb one based on white supremacy logic which said African educational problems had to do with a lack of proximity to “whites,” which is complete rubbish as it would be if you said “white” students would be better proximate to “black” students. But in a racist society, that logic was considered reasonable. You went from underfunded, cultural based schools connected to the community to underfunded, Eurocentric schools with no community teachers, or institutional support. Ever heard of “win-win?” This was lose-lose.


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