Death By Committee

To be honest Huey taught us revolutions are not made by the masses. If you are awaiting some mass collective agenda, I think you’re waiting in vain. We watched a lot of marching TV and came to believe mass action was the engine of our structure. But even mass action is organized by a very small surgical strike team Newton called “the tip of the spear”. We penetrate the armor of the system, being the sharpest, and most conscious of the stakes and the resources and the opposition, and then later the people come in the opening we made. Those of us who know what to do and what needs to be done and how to do it need to just pick a few life projects and get on them. The masses will join as they see us working and bearing fruit. We have to demonstrate our plans by carrying them out rather than talking about them. Any unity we ever forge will be unity in battle because unless you have a specific project, there is nothing to unify around. In my mind, that’s what saps the energy of the many of our community “action” meetings. We take too long to get to specific actionable plans. When things go to committee and they never come back or come back with more discussion of the same problem and solution options and no specifics for doing anything, then they die because there is no accountability for action. I normally go to 3 meetings of something. If there is no specific plan by the third meeting, I’m usually gone because it means we’re going to talk. There’s a lot of that and it plays into the hands of the Eurocentric elite and its Negro functionaries, appointed to be our “leaders” and manage our affairs on their behalf.


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